Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why Art is More True than Life

"The truth of a work of art is both its adequacy to the basic structure of human experience and its correction and deepening of our understanding of this structure, so that we rightly say not only that art is true to life, but that art is more true than life.”
- Sallie McFague, Literature and the Christian Life

*painting is "Momentum" by Stephanie Roberts


Silas and Laura said...

Might the same be said for words, or text, or liturgy? Is poetry truer to (or than) life? Or do all these forms of phenomenological expression suffer the same flaw, namely the slippage of indeterminate meanings? Perhaps art is more 'true' than life, but in the sense that since art still be must 'read', it still cannot to be 'true'.

Silas and Laura said...
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Anonymous said...
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