Tuesday, November 25, 2008

talking about kierkegaard on theology soup

I recently enjoyed a little conversation with the guys over at "theology soup" ( theologysoup.wordpress.com) about Kierkegaard and a book I am currently writing (with Myron Penner) which relates Kierkegaard's thought to postmodernism and the emerging church. They (Peter Herzog, Joseph Rueter and Dan Kent) were enjoyable conversation partners and asked perceptive questions. We had some good laughs along the way. Check it out here.


Joseph said...

If any other sharp scholars, such as Kyle, would like to be a guest on Theology Soup we'd be happy to entertain the prospects of having you. We're interested in what you're researching, what some of the implications might be and helping by way of thinking.

Kyle, thanks for being a guest on Theology Soup.

Daniel Kent said...

That was fun. I am excited for the book. Or better yet,... the movie? Awesome!