Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm an Uncle. Welcome to the world, Aedric Addington!


alan & steph flies said...

ahh.... He's so precious. Please send out congratulations to Steph & Dan.

andy tooley said...

Congrats Kyle!! Thanks for the update. I just emailed Dan & Steph.

Kyle A. Roberts said...

Alan and Steph,
Thanks for "stopping by" and for your congrats. I'll mention it to them!

And Andy, Good to hear from you. I guess I have to post pictures of babies to get a rise out of you. :)

silas and laura said...


The kid looks great. Give our best to Steph and Dan - they made a really cute kid. I guess the little KBobers might not turn out so bad after all... if and when they appear of course.