Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fantasy Football Championship!

One of the greatest highlights of this past fall, a not-so-close second to my October 6 marriage to Sara Flies, is the remarkable success of my fantasy football team. To be fair, the credit is shared with all involved, beginning with my beautiful wife Sara, team owner and CEO. Of course, it was a wise move on her part to bestow the day-to-day responsibilities of personnel and quality control upon yours truly, who has more time and energy for such blatant trivialities. I was more than happy to assume position of V.P. of Operations. In the first year of Lux Aeterna (google it) we saw the team reach the championship game. I credit a strategic trade (my Joseph Addai for Silas Morgan's Tony Romo) for our surge to the top. Wish us much luck (as if we need it) as we prepare for our final match-up against my father-in-law (maybe I should take a fall?) this weekend. Below is our team line-up. How in the world could this team not reach the final?

Tony Romo
, Dal QB
Sun 4:15

Jamal Lewis
, Cle RB
Sun 1:00

Selvin Young
, Den RB
Thu 8:15

T.J. Houshmandzadeh
, Cin WR P
Sat 8:15

Randy Moss
Sun 1:00

Chris Cooley
, Was TE P
Sun 8:15

Seahawks D/ST
, Sea D/ST
Sun 1:00

Shayne Graham
, Cin K

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silas and laura said...

And to think that I once had not one but TWO players in your starting lineup on my BENCH (Tony Romo and Jamal Lewis) and I still could not make it to the final game... Way to go, Lux! I'l get you next year.